Número #22 del 2019 año, 7-34


V. Kazakov

Abstract: This article examines the ideology and policy of the Socialist Party and the Union Civica Radical. These parties were organized in Argentina to dispute the rule of the oligarchy. Various aspects of their program coincided: universal suffrage, a proportional electoral system with minority representation, respect for municipal autonomy. But their differences were more significant. The philosophical divisions of the two parties were irreconcilable. The program that included provisions for political, social and economic change set the Socialists Sharply apart from the radicals. Their attitude towards the prevailing political culture differed greatly. The Socialists opposed the political Creole of the UCR. As a party the Socialists planned to provide a model for political organization and activity, a model that would serve to alter the prevailing political culture in the republic.

Palabras claves:
Argentina, Justo, Irigoyen, the Union Cívica Radical, Socialist Party, policy Creole, policy of intransigence

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