Número #40 del 2023 año, 156-172

Particularities of the political process in Uruguay (2004‒2020)

E. Dabagyan

The article analyzes some key features of evolution of the social and political system of Uruguay, a small Latin American country that developed itself without any serious cataclysms (the only exception is the relatively short period of dictatorship). Throughout the 19th century, the political arena was dominated by traditional parties - the National Party and the Colorado Party. Both political organizations pursued basically similar policies while succeeding each other in power. The two-party model existed for over 150 years, but gradually began to erode. In the 70s of the last century, a third political force emerged in the form of the Broad Front. The coalition was at the top of power for 15 years, and then gave way to the opposition though through strictly legitimate means.

Palabras claves:
Uruguay, National Party, Colorado Party, General Assembly, Broad Front, Tabare Vazquez, Jose Mujica, Luis Lacalle Pou

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