Número #17 del 2016 año, 28-79


V. Kazakov

This article examines the formation of the Socialist party of Argentina: its origins, its expansion during oligarchical governments and participation in an era of democratic rule. Special attention is paid to the theory and strategy that flowed from it; the party’s advocacy of both the modernization (in liberal terms) and transformation (in Socialist terms) of the country; the role of the party’s leader Juan B. Justo, who championed a parliamentary road to socialism. Of major concern have been the party’s contacts and influence with organized labour particularly in the light of Socialist competition with anarchists and syndicalists for the political allegiance of the working class; its demand for agrarian reform by liquidation of large land holding (latifundia). Although this study is basically a political and ideological it includes material on social and economic development in the republic.

Palabras claves:
socialist party, Justo, anarchism, syndicalism, marxism, agrarian problem, evolution, reform

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