Número #16 del 2016 año, 56-80

Reformas liberales de Rivadavia

V. Kazakov

This article examines the activity of the first president of Argentina Rivadavia, his plan of liberal modernization of Argentina. According to him the colonial structure was an obstacle to the progressive development of the country. The remedy proposed was the immigration and capital instrument the diversification of production, the development of agriculture, the mordent banking system, the enlighten of the people and to organize the nation. He proclaimed that the chief cause of the backwardness of agriculture was the lack of access to landowner, progress agriculture depended on a redistribution of property and an improvement in the lot of the small farmers. And he proposed solution such as the conversion of public land into emphyteusis.

Palabras claves:
Rivadavia, unitarios, federals, emphyteusis, immigration, economic liberalism, Argentina.

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