About the journal

It is a quarterly scientific journal published by the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 2000. The journal is published 4 times a year (March, June, August, November). The articles published are devoted to the history, culture and politics of the Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, in addition, the journal is focused on the study of the history of left-wing movements and parties, which is an important characteristic of the features of this journal in comparison with other periodicals editions of a regional orientation. This specialty can be explained as the history of Russia, which is closely connected with the world left-wing movements, as well as the presence here of the world's largest archival centers on the history of the left forces, primarily of the Comintern and of the International Communist Movement in the twentieth century.

The journal has a plan for electronic back-up and preservation of articles based on regular publishing of all articles on the elibrary.ru platform.

Articles in Russian, English and Spanish are accepted. It is intended for specialists, teachers and students, interested in the history of the Ibero-American world.


e-ISSN 2713-0282 (on-line)

ISNN 2305-8773 (print)