Número #25 del 2020 año, 146-163

Mexican Illegal Immigration in the XXI Сentury: the Challenge to American National Identity DOI: 10.32608/2305-8773-2020-25-1-146-163

Z. S. Chertina

The article is devoted to one of the major issues of the Unites State of America – illegal immigration the large part of which is Mexican undocumented immigration. Having appeared in the middle of the XX century it continued to increase although authorities have taken a variety of steps to stop or reduce it. All legislative efforts limited only to increase funding for border security on american-mexican border, providing strict control. But controversies in the Congress for adopting the law for comprehensive immigration reform didn't allow to make serious changes in this sphere. D. Trump, having become a president, proposed his project of making some fundamental changes of immigration system. Together with the construction of a border wall he considered very important to end some programs including "family reunification", "visa lottery", to reduce the number of refugees to be admitted to the US, to cut receiving welfare to undocumented immigrations. The future will show the results of Trump's proposals.

Palabras claves:
USA, Mexico, illegal immigration, challenge, immigration reform, ending of programs

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