Issue #27 in 2020 year, 264-268

The spiral of Venezuelan history

L. Diyakova

The review focuses on the main issues discussed in E. S. Dabagyan's monograph on the most important events in Venezuelan history and their impact on the country's modern politics. Exploring the phenomenon of caudillismo, the stages of dictatorships and the period of representative democracy, which came already in the second half of the XX century. the author of the work emphasizes the complexity, versatility, inconsistency of modern political processes and the ambiguity of political figures representing them – from Hugo Chavez to Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela, caudillismо, authoritarianism, democracy, "Socialism of the XXI century"

Дабагян Э.С. Венесуэла: движение по спирали. Авторитаризм vs демократия. Политические процессы в XX – начале XXI веков. М.: РОО АИИМ, 2020.