Issue #29 in 2021 year, 165-173

Where the fado is. On the centenary of the birth of Amalia Rodrigues

N. Konstantinova

The article is dedicated to the work of the famous Portuguese singer and actress Amalia Rodrigues and is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of her birth, which Portugal and fado fans around the world celebrated in 2020. Particular attention is paid to the impressions left by the fadishta tour in the USSR. Not everyone knows the versatility of Amalia Rodrigues, but she is also the author of many poems, most of which were included in the voluminous collection "Poems", published in 1997. Amalia also starred in many films for famous Portuguese and foreign directors, and no less successfully shone on the theater stage. But above all, Amalia was and remains the queen of fado.

Amalia Rodrigues, fado, Portugal, tour in the USSR, centenary

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