Issue #33 in 2022 year, 7-45

Election reform in Argentina. Saenz Peña Law DOI: 10.32608/2305-8773-2022-33-1-7-45

V. Kazakov

This article examines election reform that became collectively known as Saenz Peña Law because of the influential role placed by President Roque Saenz Peña in drawing and getting legislation passed through Congress in an attempt to make election genuinely effective. Saenz Peña Law required new and honest registration of voter-male citizens at age of 18 who were required to register for military service with this listing also serving as ballots which were used to present coercion of voters. To ensure participation of minority group in election provision was included s “incomplete ballot” to encourage development of strong 2 party government. Saenz Peña Law brought the voters to the polls in large numbers, the political power of the oligarchy was curled and way was open to opposition to participate in political process. But conservatives failed to organize modern political party, as a result radicals won the next election

Argentina, Saenz Peña Law, general election, compulsory voting, 2-party government, oligarchy, conservations, radicals

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