Issue #30 in 2021 year, 166-184

The radicalization process of the Cuban Revolution 1959-1961

P. Ortiz Guilián

The present work carries out an analysis of the radicalization process of the Cuban Revolution and its causes during the years from 1959 to 1961t. This process was possible in such a short time due to the conjunction of several elements: the fulfillment of the Moncada Program; the leadership of the Revolution; the position of the United States before the advance of the Revolution; the aid provided by the Soviet Union, as well as the correlation of forces in the world, and the position of support and endorsement of the Revolution by the people. This process was not peaceful; it was carried out in the midst of a violent class struggle and external aggression on the part of the great interests and US government, which tried to destroy the Revolution using all possible means, including armed aggression. In this brief period, the revolution in power managed to put an end to imperialist rule and, fundamentally, to capitalist exploitation, strengthening the political system of society and raising the revolutionary consciousness, as well as the political culture of the people.  The obtained success was largely the result of the political teaching of Fidel Castro, as well as his extraordinary personality.  Fidel knew how to enhance the people's self-confidence, sense of justice, solidarity, dignity, and revolutionary firmness.

Cuban Revolution, Process of radicalization, class struggle, nationaliza-tions, aggressions, armed aggression, leadership, solidarity, popular support

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