Issue #23 in 2019 year, 137-162

The right’s media swords. The Inter American Press Association in the Latin-American Cold War DOI:10.32608/2305-8773-2019-23-1-137-162

J. Bozza

This article examines the active participation of the major american newspapers in the crusade against the communism. In the introduction it explores the programs through which the CIA disseminated its propaganda with the collaboration of the largest newspaper publishing companies. Next, it presents the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) as the vertex of convergence of the international strategy of the Unites States and the media corporations of the Americas. It describes that organization as an employer cartel that, under the flag of the anticommunist policies, deployed destabilization campaigns against progressive and anti-imperialist governments of Latin America. With the purpose of identifying the actors and procedures of the most belligerent journalism, the article discerns the task of two prominent intellectuals at the service of the IAPA, Jules Dubois and Eudocio Ravines. These two writers, assuming the role of champions of “free press”, developed a functional activity to the expansionism of the United States

Inter American Press Association; CIA, Cold War; Anticommunism, Jules Dubois; Eudocio Ravines

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